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Basketball Offseason Protocol

Program Description

If you are carrying excess body fat, then composition should be focused upon (you can't flex fat!) improving relative strength will also increase jumping potential. If you are already lean and a deficit is not feasible then a small surplus should be implemented for the first 4 weeks before holding at maintenance. These services are offered at additional cost if not confident with how to manipulate body comp. 

This programme ideally requires the following less commonly found equipment. If you do not have this kit then using the next best thing would be advised. ie - no access to a GHR, use an incline back extension. For best results invest in a gym that has this equipment available: 

Glute Ham Raise
Medicine Balls
Plyometric Box
Ab Rollout Wheel (can be bought cheaply from amazon)

All other exercises can be easily changed out for something similar 

This programme is purchased as standalone as is not priced with feedback in mind. This service however is offered separately at a higher cost. 

Basketball Offseason Protocol

What's included

  • Increasing vertical jump height

  • Targeting typically weak areas: VMO, Hamstrings, Neck Extensors, Ankle Injuries, Grip