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Tom Hibbert | Winning Strength

Strongman Off Season

Program Description

As a World Record breaking coach & athlete, Tom Hibbert knows how to produce results!

Tom made his name within the sport of strongman and has worked with some of the best including Graham Hicks, Matjaz Belsak, Mikkel Leicht, Chris Morgan, Lee Osment, Andrew Flynn & more. He is constantly sought out for his expertise within strongman. 

When it comes to preparing for an upcoming season restoring structural balance and minimising weaknesses are of paramount importance. This program is geared towards creating a base of general physical preparedness from which to build upon. 

Strongman Off Season

What's included

  • 8 Week Program | 4 Days a Week

  • Improve Structural Balance

  • Build your GPP to Create New PBs

  • Results Based Training