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Deadlift Peak Program

Program Description

Introducing the much-anticipated Deadlift Peaking Program by Winning Strength. Programmed by Head Coach Tom Hibbert, you'll gain full access to our deadlift program that is used and approved by world-record breaking deadlifters - such as Dan Benson, Darryn Wright, Ben Donin, Rachel Canham and more! 

This deadlift program is based on the conjugate method of training. You'll train 4 days per week to master the deadlift, overcome weak points and ultimately, achieve a new 1RM. Whether you're a strongman, powerlifter or weightlifter, the deadlift peaking program is a must for anyone who has hit a wall with their deadlift or is looking to break new realms in their strength capacity. 

Tom Hibbert is a world-renowned strength coach and strongman. With his own world-record breaking title, as well as helping many athletes break records of their own, Tom is in the best position possible to help you level up your deadlift and hit those numbers you've been dreaming about.

The Deadlift Peaking Program will be hosted on Tom's own app, the Winning Strength Blueprint. You'll gain access to the app for your full 10-week program. In here you'll see your program calendar, log your lifts and track progression.

Deadlift Peak Program

What's included

  • 10 weeks of full programming to help you hit a new 1RM

  • 2 days per week workouts for lower body

  • Based on the effective Conjugate Method

  • As used by World-Record Breaking deadlifter Ben Donin, Dan Benson and Darryn Wright