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Strongman | The All Rounder

Program Description

As a World Record breaking coach & athlete, Tom Hibbert knows how to produce results!

Tom made his name within the sport of strongman and has worked with some of the best including Graham Hicks, Matjaz Belsak, Mikkel Leicht, Chris Morgan, Lee Osment, Andrew Flynn & more. He is constantly sought out for his expertise within strongman. 

This program is a great option if you want to be prepared for every eventuality. Events are always subject to change but also if you want to work on an all round strongman performance. Overhead events include axle, log and monster dumbbell. Lower body includes specific work for squats, deadlifts, yoke, farmers, front carry, sled drags and atlas stones!

Strongman | The All Rounder

What's included

  • 12 Week Program | 4 Days a Week

  • The All Round Approach to Strongman Performance

  • Maximise your Training Investment

  • Results Based Training