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Streetlifting | Beginners' All4 Base Building Block

Program Description

An 8 week base building training block utilising a Norwegian periodisation model. This program focuses on all four of the main lifts, the muscle up, pull up, dip and back squat. Plenty of accessory work is included for improving structural balance and direct transfer over to main lift performance. This program is perfect for building a big base before going into a peaking program. The bigger your base, the bigger your peak!

Please note that this program assumes that you already understand correct form, this is not a program to progress you through learning the correct technique.

Streetlifting | Beginners' All4 Base Building Block

What's included

  • 4 weekly sessions

  • 8 week base building block for All4 streetlifting

  • Muscle up, dip & pull up & back squat base building

  • Accessories included for direct transfer over to streetlifting performance

  • Program delivered through the blueprint website/app